Our Institutions
Study House
In our Convent we have young girls who aspire to join our congregation. These aspirants continue their college studies. They are also given a spiritual formation and a community experience. This living experience helps them to take a mature decision to continue in the congregation.
We continue to do the teaching ministry in the parish school and also help in the parish activities.
True to the spirit of our Founders Blessed Mary of the Passion, we make a preferential option for the poor. Eucharistic adoration, Franciscan simplicity and joy, Mary’s humility and proclamation of the Gospel in all parts of the world are our distinct characteristics. We are nearly 8000 FMM sisters belonging to 78 nationalities work in 76 countries. As artisans of peace and reconciliation we work to make the world more just and more humane so that with all our brothers and sisters we may attain total liberation in Christ.
At present there are six sisters in the Convent, three of them , teach in the School. One sister helps in the self help group of women; another along with the superior helps the vocation ministry.