Our Institutions
Don Bosco English Medium Hr. Pry. School
“If you give a man a fish, he will eat one.
If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life.
If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.
By sowing seed, you will harvest once.
By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold. By educating the people, you will harvest one hundred fold”.
Well this noble thought of education had a deep-rooted meaning and not a long time ago in 1983, the simple peaceful hamlet of Shirva, woke up to the call for imparting education to the children of the locality through the medium of English. The older folks yearned to see and hear their young ones learn the language, which they had missed and hence found it an obstacle, which many faced in their career when they went to the cities looking for greener pastures. They didn’t lose any opportunity of moulding their dreams into a reality. Their dreams, contribution and determination enabled the then Founder Correspondent, Late Rev. Fr. Aloysious Rosario, who also had secretly cherished a vision of establishing an English Medium School in Shirva. Fr. Rosario in his spiritual career in the vineyard of the Lord had founded many Schools, but since Don Bosco being founded in his old age, he always referred to as his “last babe”, all his letters to the Headmistress, Mrs. Irine Rodrigues he always wrote, “I’ve entrusted my babe into your hands, nurture and love it as your own". He had to undergo many pains and troubles to see the existence of the School, but he had a mission and at no cost he had to accomplish it.
“Be Strong”
We are not here to play, to dream, to drift;
We have hard work to do; and loads to lift;
Shun not the struggle-face it; it’s God’s gift.
“Be Strong”
This made him go on in the struggle, his strong determination and faith in God as the fruit we are urtnessing today in the Campus.
Under the pressure of the parishioners to start an English Medium School at Shirva, in 1982 an application was sent to the Government. Two zealous parents took the pain of going to Bangalore to make the M.L.A of our constituency to make it possible. Meanwhile the then A.E.O of Udupi South Range encouraged the Management to start the K.G. class as a ready feeder to the future English Medium School. With a band of 43 kids on 10th January 1983, a K.G class was started. Later in June when the new academic year started the students were divided into two classes according to their age, L.K.G and U.K.G. As the permission was yet not obtained in 1983, the students who were to be admitted to STD 1st left the school and went to other schools. Again in 1984 the school started Class 1st, but till the end of July as the permission was not obtained the parents feared that their child would lose year and so they were admitted to other schools. As the saying goes ‘there’s a silvery lining behind every dark cloud ‘ so, did the Institute sight that silver lining when it received the permission in August 1984. This was the fruit of the hard efforts and sacrifice of Rev. Fr. Rosario and the parishioners. On the 1st June 1985 the first standard with a handful of 15 students was started. As the school had no building of its own it was housed at Don Bosco Hr. Pry. Kannada School. Well-qualified and experienced teachers were appointed to give a sound foundation and basic knowledge to the children.
The powerful Catholic Board of education of the Diocese of Mangalore took Don Bosco under its mantle with the full responsibility of ownership. This move gave moral support to Rev. Fr. Rosario and thus he took the bold step of laying the foundation stone on the 22nd of December 1986 for the construction of a separate building for the English Medium School. When the construction work of the ground floor was half way, a thunderbolt struck the management to hear the transfer order of Fr. Rosario to Kinnigoli. The dream he cherished was unaccomplished, but his humility was in accordance of being obedient to his superior and humbly he answered ‘yes’. With tears in his eyes and sorrow in his heart he bid farewell to Shirva. We Welcomed the new Correspondent Rev. Fr. Sylvester D’ Souza.
Fr. Sylvester took over as the Correspondent on 29-5-1987. He saw to the construction work of the ground floor and it was completed in June 1988. Four classes and an office were shifted to the existing building. The construction work for the first floor was completed in 1990. The school added a feather to its cap when the first batch completed and passed the 7th Std in April 1992. Again the grave situation of space arose for 8th and hence it was shifted to St. Mary’s Jr. College building and K.G. classes in St. Mary’s hall. During the Correspondentship of Fr. Sylvester D’ Souza the school obtained recognition up to 7th STD. He was always a source of guidance and support to the school, staff and students. Their deduction and submission to religious life does not allow the religious people to stay in one place permanently, the time came for Fr. Sybester D’Souza to bid farewell to Shirva and go to the new vineyard of Christ King’s Church, Karkal. We bid him good-bye on 10-06-1994 and welcomed Rev. Fr Lawrence Gomes as the new Correspondent 09-06-1994.
Rev.Fr. Lawrence Gomes took keen interest in the betterment of the School. The High School was stationed like a gypsy’s caravan at St. Mary’s P.U.College building. He studied the stiff situation and took the bold step of extending the building and making it self sufficient with spacious rooms. Today classes from Lower K.G to STD 10th Standard as a proof in the campus. The school had a full-fledged staff with all the facilities along with the latest trend of computer, which was made compulsory from STD V to X. Many a times there were obstacles and difficulties, but his encouragement and spiritual strength made it possible to reach the shore through rough storms. He was a truly good shepherd leading his flock with love and care. He always respected the teachers and had high opinion about them. The time came for Fr. Lawrence to sat Adieu as he got his transfer order to Christ King’s Church, Karkal. Before leaving he donated Rs 2000/- as endowment prize for students securing the highest marks in Catechism and Value Education. He left Shirva on 03-06-2001 and we welcomed our new Correspondent Rev. Fr. Valerian Pinto.
Fr. Valerian wants the Institute to excel and be at par with the other schools of the District. To achieve the goal, he is striving to give the best and latest facilities to the school and staff. He renovated the computer lab with the latest trends in the field of Computer Science and at present it has been made compulsory from STD III. Fr. himself selects the syllabus and books for the Computer Classes. He also build the Basket ball Court, Children’s Park and started the Mid-day meal for the students which was inaugurated on 19th Dec 2002. As the saying goes, “All day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so to equip the students to the activities of their choice Extra-Curricular activity classes have been started in Keyboard, Vocal-music, Bharatnatyam, Karate and Drawing from 1st August 2004. Well-qualified staff is appointed to impart knowledge in these fields. In the future too Our Correspondent has many Projects and plans for the progress of the school. Our only prayer is May God Almighty and Our Lady of Health grant him good health and peace of mind to attain all his goals.
This Institute, which had started as a bud among the trials and thorns, today it has bloomed into full-fledged colourful rose spreading its beauty and fragrance in and around Shirva and also at the District Level. Our only desire is that may this institute soar high up and reach the sky. May our Lord, Mother Mary and Patron Don Bosco are with us to guide, and protect our steps at all times. Education never ends, it will never end. Lets remember Robert Frost’s words,
“The words are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”