Our Institutions
Fr. Gabriel Castelino succeeded Fr. Colaco on his transfer in 1942. Till 1941 the school inspectors used to visit the higher primary schools, conduct the annual examination for eight standard students and issue certificates to the successful candidates. In 1942 for the first time the Madras government introduced the public examination known as ESLC (Elementary School Leaving Certificate)
Fr. Gabriel.B.D'Souza was the Headmaster from 1946 till he became the first Parish Priest of newly formed Pernal Parish in 1955, Shri Paul Menezes, an old student, succeeded him. It may be recalled that Fr. Gabriel.B.D'Souza was the last Priest to head the Institution and Shri Paul Menezes was the first old student to shoulder this responsibility.
When Don Bosco was at the height of its zenith there were 25 divisions and 27 teachers. Inorder to house the extra divisions Fr. Gonsalves added another wing to the existing L shaped building.
When a vacancy arose in St. Mary's High School Sri Paul Menezes joined its staff Sri P.V.Upadhyaya succeeded him as the Headmaster. He too left the school on 09-07-1962 in order to join B.Ed class. Smt. Helen Lobo became the first Headmistress of the School.
In 1963 the government abolished the 8th standard in higher primary schools. That year successful students of 7th standard and 8th standard joined the 8th standard in the high school. The staff in Don Bosco’s became superfluous. So Smt. Helen Lobo joined St. Mary’s High School as an assistant teacher.