Our Institutions
During the Last one hundred years , Don Bosco was the only Higher Primary School in Shirva and the surrounding villages of Kuthyar, Kalathur, Padur, Herur, Innanje, Padubelle, Kattingeri, Palli, Sooda and Pilar. This School has catered to the needs of thousands of students of all castes and creeds. By imparting good education the school has played a major role in the all-round development of this large locality. The school was prestigious and ordinary students found it difficult to get admission and teachers to get a job here.
Church Primary School: 1-2-1898:
This premier school under the name of "Church Primary School" was started on 1-2-1898 with four standards and was housed in the building, south of the Church. It is learnt that Fr. Nicholas Cornerio was the founder and the first correspondent. In 1906 Fr. Casmir Fernandes became the Correspondent. In 1910 the two Churches were amalgamated. Fr. Gregory I. G. D'souza, the first parish priest of the unified Church became the new Correspondent. He succeeded in raising the School to the level of higher primary school with eight standards.
Permanent recognition: 1-12-1919 :
Fr. Mathew Menezes became the correspondent in 1919. During his stewardship the school got permanent recognition from the madras government on 1-12-1919. In 1922, Fr. Hilary Gonsalves, the assistant priest became the headmaster till his transfer to Pangala two years later. Meanwhile the government made a rule that only a trained matriculate should be the headmaster of a higher primary school. Accordingly Sri Naranappa Suvarna was appointed the headmaster.
In 1929 Fr. Reginald Pinto became the new Correspondent. At that time Don Bosco was the only school in Shirva to have ten teachers on its role. The next year Fr. Albert Vincent D'Souza, the assistant priest took charge as the head of the Institution. He was a great musician and preacher. After his transfer he became a Vicar Vara, Vicar-General Vicar capitular, Bishop of Mysore and ultimately retired as the Arch Bishop of Kolkatta.
Catholic Board of Education :
Bishop Victor Fernandes of Mangalore diocese founded the Catholic Board of Education in 1932 and brought all the parish schools under its management without consulting the parishioners. People of Shirva resented and there was a feeling of ill will. Fr. Hillary Gonsalves came to Shirva as the parish priest and pacified the people earning the name of peacemaker.
Church Primary School Re-named as Don Bosco Higher Primary School :
The period when Fr. Gonsalves was the Correspondent and Fr. Valerian Colaco was the Headmaster is called the Golden Age of Don Bosco's. Fr. Colaco was a devotee of Don Bosco and changed the name of the School as Don Bosco Hr. Pry School. Now there are three institutions named after Don Bosco. Fr. Valerian Pinto has installed a beautiful statue of Don Bosco with two youth. As the number of students increased Fr. Gonsalves constructed a new L shaped building on the northern side of the Church. It was inaugurated in 1937. Miss Valeria Cardoza of Udyavara became the first lady teacher of the school the same year. Till her retirement she handled the first standard and laid a good foundation for the students career.