Our Parish
Old Church Pilgrimage Committee
Members: Gurkars & P. P. C members of the following wards – Old Church Ward, Halehithlu Ward, Convent Ward, Kolbet Ward, Palame Darkas Ward and Palame Ward.
The Committee has already started to protect the ‘remnent’ of the old Church. A portion of the Main Altar and front façade still remain even after 94 years of rain and sunshine. A structure has been built outside the ‘remnent’. Roofing of the same will be fixed during this year. The committee members and the families of the wards have generously contributed to the above work. Under the ages a drama had been organised and Rupees two lakhs were collected towards this project. Rest of the work will continue as the donations arrive.
When the work of the roof was complete we propose to have weekly mass and novena to Our Lady of Health.